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Free app for showing tweets on map in realtime, try it now!

Try it now!


The Tweet Map Live is a web application that shows tweets on a map in realtime. Only tweets with location data is shown (obviously).
If location in tweet is set to a place, say a city then tweet will be shown as comming from the center of that place. If tweet have coordinates then those will be used.

All it does is streams all the tweets from Twitters streaming api to my server and then the server do filtering and some compute work and send the tweets to the application.

Please note!

For best experience zoom in map a bit and/or set some word or #hashtag filters, else you will be hit by a "tweet storm"!

You have been warned ;) Have fun!

Additonally there might be some bugs i have not found yet, but you might find them! ;)

Try app now!

How to use

Zoom in to your prefered zoom level and press the play icon.  
This will stream tweets from the area that are visible, but ignorning the outermost 8% of the map to keep tweets more in frame.
After u can zoom and pan however you want, the area for tweets will stay the same.

Press  while still streaming to select the current area of the map as the new area to get tweets from.

When streaming the play icon  will change to a stop icon.   Pressing it will stop the streaming. Play icon will turn red for some second to indicate that you will need to wait before can start the stream again.

You can press the trash icon  at any time to clear the screen of tweets.

As default thre will be at most 20 tweets on the screen at the same time. The oldest will disappear and a new one will be shown.
This can be changed by pressing the settings icon  and change the slider.
Here can also set word/#hashtag filters. At most 6 filters can be applied. These works as "or" filters, menaing tweets containing  any of the filter words will be shown.

Map style can also be changed in settings to your prefered style.

By saving settings the map style and tweets on screen settings will be saved so you do not have to set it the next time you visit the app.

Changes to settings will be applied imidediately!

Press to start the stream

Starts the streaming of tweets.

Press to clear the screen

Removes all tweets from screen

Press to stop the stream

Stops the streaming of tweets

Press to update tweet location

While streaming updates the area of where you get tweets from. This is used if your move or zoom the map and want tweets from the new visible area.

Made with

The front end, ie the application is made with html, javascript, css and also uses Bootstrap 4 for some parts, like modals. All icons are from Font Awesome 4.7. It uses for communication with the backend server. Mapbox GL is used for the maps.

The backend is made with Node.js and uses the helper libraries Express,, Geolib,  and Twit.

This webpage was made with help of Bootstrap Studio, cuz im lazy and dont like writing css ;)

All this is then served to the web with a Nginx webserver running as reverse proxy for the server communication